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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 9:14 pm

Rules and Regulations

In order to make Bearville Forums a more safe and fun environment, I am entitled to set various rules to ensure this. Please read the following, simple rules that you are to bear in mind at all times. Failing to accept these rules can result in suspension, and even banning.
Please review the following rules carefully:

Bearville Forums was created to supply the needs of current existing (and growing) Build-a-Bearville players. As such, we would like to remind everyone, the young and the young at heart to keep in mind the same rules and regulations we all agreed to when we started playing. However, as we are a running forum, added rules must be implied and followed. The Admin and Officers are here to edit, move, lock or delete any posts by members, provided they feel that is inappropriate and not following the rules. You will be warned ONLY TWICE. You will be suspended for a week following each warning. On the third, you will not receive a warning but will get a permanent ban. You may still review the site, but will not be able to create a new account. If created, and caught, it will result in a computer ban and deny you access to all parts of the site.

To ensure banning will not occur, please review these basic rules:

1.) Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

2.) This site is mainly aimed at younger children and early teens, so please keep in mind that they are still young and should not be exposed to adult matters. Please refrain from inciting anything that is inappropriate. I trust you to self-filter your words and actions. Failing to do so may result in unnecessary consequences you could have avoided.

3.) Please be kind and respectful to all users, especially to Staff and Admin who are trying to make this site a better and safer place. Comply to all rules incited by Staff and Admin. Be respectful to all users even if you are not getting the respect back. In this case, feel complied to report actions and words to Staff and Admin. Thank you.

4.) This one is simple. Do not set hate on anyone in use of this site.

5.) PRIVACY: Do not reveal ANY INFORMATION BEYOND NAME, AGE, GENDER, COUNTRY and/or STATE. Online predators may be on the loose...keep this rule in mind at all times for your own safety. DO NOT EVER PLAN MEETINGS WITH USERS OF ANY KIND THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW.

6.) Only one account is permitted per user. Accounts will be banned upon discovery of multiple accounts.


Posting Rules:

Once again I will remind you of the younger users on this site. Be sure to watch your words and actions upon them, and upon all times.

1.) Respect the gender, race, age, status, disabilities, and religion. Treat them as you would like to be treated--just like everyone else.

2.) No advertising of any kind is allowed on this site. Do not provide links leading users out of the site besides BuildabearVille itself. Keep this in mind AT ALL TIMES.

3.) Do not provide anyone with Animal ID's through PM or Threads. We do not allow the sharing of Animal ID's as they should be kept to yourself.


1.) You may post a request for Webcodes once, and only once in the "Webcode Requests" thread. A generous member may stop by and grant you a webcode. However, be patient for this system will be on a first come first served basis.

2.) Do not beg for Webcodes or make up sob stories for them. Please only incite a brief request.

3.) YOU MAY NOT POST GLITCHED FOR FAKE CODES OF ANY KIND FOR BUILDABEARVILLE ON THIS SITE. Please provide members with working real codes and do not put them through to trouble of testing your codes.


1.) You may not post pictures of yourself of any kind in avatars or any other form. This is another threat to yourself.


Bearville Forums is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or any other damages, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website, or in reliance on the information available on the site. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss.

Bearville Forums is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Build-A-Bear Workshop®️ and™️. Build A Bear Workshop®️ is the trade name and the registered trademark of Build-A-Bear Retail Management, Inc. Bearemy®️ and all™️ character names, logos, and images are trademarks owned by Build-A-Bear, Inc.
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Rules and Regulations
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