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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 4:20 am

Welcome the THE EXCHANGE, a way to find the item you've been looking for!

First of all, I would like to remind you that if you were scammed, or the trade was not made possible, Bearville Forums is not held responsible. We will, however, try to help you recover or find justice, but are not complied to. Please do not complain to Bearville Forums of your loss. If too many complains or rule-breakers occur, We will remove this part of the site.

1.) Post a topic labeled the item(s) you want as the subject. Please open a "quest" at the "THE QUESTS" if you are looking for more than three items.

2.) They must have the following information:
a. Items
b. Color, if specified
c. Shop they are from, or rare
d. Worth in Bear Bills, Credits, or unavailable.
e. List of what you are willing to trade with (strike them out once gone)
f. Preferred time to meet with the other player
g. Any other requirements

3.) Remember, this is NOT an auction, and just an exchange. You may not say "I'm waiting for a better offer". You may accept the offer, or reject it. No turnbacks.

4.) Post which item you have that the person is asking to trade for. Also post which item you are asking for from the List of the quester.

5.) Once a trade is accepted, you MUST comply to the trade, which means you cannot change your mind all of the sudden.

6.) All trades must be confirmed on the thread, not through PMs or through Build-a-bear Ville to look at each others inventories.

7.) Once a trade is confirmed, you can negotiate where to meet and when, be sure you arrive if you planned to, and don't keep the other waiting.

8.) Be kind throughout the process, and comply to these rules. If you fail to, you risk being banned and will receive a warning (Read Rules and Regulations to review the rules).

9.) Staff reserve the right to modify or edit your request.

10.) Please report when you feel something fishy is going on.

11.) You may NOT double post again and again asking things like: "Any more offers?" or "Pleaseee"

12.) Post acceptable and understandable offers, nothing like 1000 Bearbills for a T-shirt worth 250 bearbills. This is a rip-off and is unacceptable.

13.) If you have received what you wanted and everything is over, you may request for the thread to be locked.

Have fun and I hope you will get what you've been wanting!
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Rules and Guidelines
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